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Red Hat OpenShift World Tour – Introduction to Containers with Node.js and Kubernetes on Red Hat OpenShift 4.x

February 25, 2021 9:30 am PST

Join our Build Smart on Kubernetes World Tour series. Explore the Red Hat OpenShift development environment and learn how to use many of the best parts of OpenShift. You use OpenShift to deploy a sample Node.js application on IBM Cloud. If you are new to OpenShift and Kubernetes, this webinar can help you understand core skills.

🎓 What you will learn   

In this online meetup developers will learn:

  • Some introduction to Containers, Docker, Kubernetes, and OKD/OpenShift
  • How to use OpenShift web client to visualize, browse, and manage the contents of projects
  • How to use Command-line Interface (CLI) to managing your applications
  • How to use OpenShift REST APIs to manage end-user applications, the cluster, and the users of the cluster
  • The basics of OpenShift management
  • How to create projects and assign their users (developers)
  • Managing the Containers with builds and deployments
  • The basics of the Networking – load balancing
  • The basics of OpenShift based hosting with exposed services, the routes to the services, and scaling aspects of the container orchestration
  • The toolchain with continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD)
  • The above functionality will be shown based on the following hands on examples:
  • How to deploy a basic application from the Source to running Image (Source-to-Image)
  • How to deploy a basic application from Github to running Image (Github-to-Image)

👩‍💻 Who should attend
Developers, cloud developers, DevOps Engineers, full stack developers,

🎓 Speakers
Marek Sadowski, IBM Developer Advocate,

Bradston Henry, IBM Developer Advocate,