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Red Hat Summit 2021

June 15, 2021 10:00 am ADT

Join us for the Red Hat Summit 2021 virtual experience with breakout sessions and technical content geared toward the topics most relevant to your career.

Partner Sponsored Session: The Hard Tech of Revolutionizing Computing

Wednesday, June 16 11:00-11:30 am EDT

Speaker: Dario Gil, SVP and Director of IBM Research

Join Dario Gil, SVP and Director of IBM Research, and discover the fundamental elements of the hard tech of revolutionizing computing including Nano Tech, Quantum, AI, and Open Source. Many modern digital technologies that you use today, originated in innovations created by IBM. Get a glimpse of the innovations we’re building:
– Pushing limits of computing performance
– Advancing quantum computing hardware and software
– AI – applying natural language processing to our machines, code, and industries
– The world’s largest computer, the cloud. The future of business being made possible through a visionary serverless open architecture, with the help of IBM and Red Hat.

On-demand Partner Sponsored Session: Your open source skill value in the hybrid cloud era

Speaker: Chris Ferris, IBM Fellow and CTO Open Source, IBM

Continually renewing technology skills are critical to developers, and to their ever more digital and competitive businesses. In fact, 65% of developers consider skills and knowledge related to underlying open source Cloud and AI/ML technologies to be most beneficial to their career prospects, and even more hiring managers felt the same. Our research suggests that over the long term, skills in the most fundamental open source tools and libraries will likely provide major benefits to both professionals and their organizations. Join us to cover some more of the survey report’s insights.

On-demand Breakout Session: Jumpstart your Tech for Good initiatives with Cloud Native APIs


  • Daniel Krook, Chief Technology Officer, Call for Code, IBM
  • John Walicki, IBM Developer Advocate, IBM
  • Peter Gollmar, Program Dir. IBM Developer Offering Management, IBM
  • Debasish Roy, Program Director , IBM

IBM’s API Hub gives you access to all of the APIs you need to accelerate application development. This includes our cutting-edge Call for Code APIs, part of IBM’s initiative “Tech for Good” that’s helping combat climate change and fight institutional racism.

In this session, you’ll hear case studies of how developers and problem solvers have used APIs to build and deploy solutions that fight back against the most pressing issues of our time. In addition, you’ll get hands-on experience with these applications in real time, using Call for Code APIs on the IBM API Hub. This convenient developer tool provides you access to all the APIs you need to build cloud-native applications in a single repository, as well as providing you a dynamic developer playground environment with GitHub and tooling integration to build solutions and deploy on Red Hat OpenShift.

On-demand Breakout Session: The way to a developer’s heart is filled with images of Wine and Cheese

Speaker: John Walicki, IBM Developer Advocate, IBM

Image recognition involves identifying images and categorizing them in one of several predefined distinct classes. Image recognition software and apps can define what’s depicted in a picture and distinguish one object from another. Use cases for image recognition range from brand monitoring to industrial IT.

In this session, we’ll explore key aspects of image recognition and build a neural network to recognize images and actual physical items of everything you might find at a great wine and cheese party. We’ll demonstrate the use of IBM Watson Studio to build and train a machine-learning model from a series of images of wine bottles, corks, and cheeses. Come out and discover how easy and fun it can be to build your own image recognition system. After this session, we’ll give you a link to the GitHub repo where you can try it yourself.

On-demand Breakout Session: Bee Travel: A Microservices Caribbean coding adventure


  • Pooja Mistry, IBM
  • Max Shapiro, Software Engineer, IBM

You’ve been cooped up inside for nearly 12 months writing code. It’s getting darker outside. Family members are on your last nerve, and you are one virtual meeting away from collapse. You crave some rays that don’t come from a screen. You want to crawl inside your beach screen saver and soak up the sun, but you also need to convert your large monolithic application into microservices and get them running and monitored on the cloud.

Microservice architecture is not a new idea, but it still sparks questions and debates. For sure, using microservices in hybrid cloud settings is not without its challenges, but moving away from a monolithic architecture holds many benefits, like speeding development and deployment.

Join us for a Caribbean coding adventure exploring microservices. We’ll learn microservices through a travel example, Bee Travel, covering public cloud, Kubernetes, OpenShift, Knative, serverless, and Istio.