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RTP Serverless Meetup

May 9, 2019 6:00 pm AST

In the first portion of this session, we’ll present some information about Knative, a new open source collaboration from IBM, Google, Pivotal, Red Hat, Cisco, and others. Knative is promising to simplify how we build, deploy, and manage Serverless workloads on top of Kubernetes. We’ll discuss how Knative is attempting to address the promises of Serverless through the creation of their Build, Serving, and Eventing primitives.

After this introduction, we’ll jump into a hands on lab experience! Everyone will deploy a serverless application to a Kubernetes cluster using the Knative Serving component. We’ll then explore the Knative Build component. Finally, we’ll use the new knctl command line tool to deploy a vnext version of our application. Please bring your laptops for this hands on session.

IBM RTP Campus, Durham, North Carolina, United States