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Running a Recommendation Engine with Elasticsearch on IBM Cloud

February 18, 2021 1:00 pm EDT

A recommendation engine is a system that suggest information to a user based on analysis of data. They are becoming widely used for corporate merchandising and site search, and are highly valued for their machine learning use cases.

Recommendation engines can be executed locally, however for more collaboration and scalability the workflow can be hosted on the cloud.

In this webinar we will examine a tutorial that focuses on the Collaborative Filtering technique , walk you through the process of training a model with it, and show you how to deploy it and run it on IBM Cloud using Elasticsearch and Watson Studio

What will you learn?

– Collaborative filtering using Elasticsearch on IBM Cloud
– How to run an instance of Elasticsearch with custom modules (X-plugins) on IBM Cloud
– How to use Elasticsearch Hadoop connector with Watson Studio.

Who should attend?
All Developers and data scientists who are interested in recommendation engines are welcome to attend this webinar!

Prerequisites :

– A free IBM Cloud Account:


Speakers :
Nixon Cheaz – Tech Lead/Development Manager – IBM Search
Pooja Mistry – IBM Cloud Developer Advocate