Sabiha Gokcen Enterprise Meetup: Kubernetes & Docker

October 7, 2019

Hot topic area: Microservice, Containers, Docker, Kubernetes, Cloud Native

Local tech community: Startups and developers
Follow up a plan to secure continuity of active users:
Collecting contact information right after the event
Follow up interactions of users in IBM Cloud
Inform & Invite attendees to the next events

What is cloud native application? Why is it important? What is a microservice and what are its adventages?

1. What is Open Source?
2. What is a container?
+ Docker hands-on
3. What is the Microservice concept?
4. What is Kubernetes?
+ IKS hands-on
5. Open Shift introduction
+ IBM Cloud demo
6. Q&A Session & Survey

Sabiha Gokcen, Istanbul, Turkey