Santander presents Digital Trust Hackathon #HackingForTrust

November 16, 2020 1:00 pm CET

A global hackathon capitalizing on Santander’s Digital Trust protocol and the need to innovate around how data is shared, verified and trusted
The world’s digital footprint is expanding, with more and more activities being handled online. At the same time, the COVID-19 pandemic is amplifying societal challenges that were already in place, including identity verification and data privacy. At Santander, we are working to help with new trust verification services built on top of expanded OpenID capabilities.

  1. Verify Identity
  2. Share verified data
  3. Validate summary facts

Refuting the view that digital channels are fundamentally untrustworthy, the Digital Trust Hackathon encourages teams to come up with ideas to help both companies and individuals thrive securely in a digital world—avoiding risks ranging from delays in important agreements, purchases or services to fraud, identity theft and financial losses.

Deadline: 10th of December at 11:45 pm

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Challenge and opportunity

Businesses need to move faster to adjust to today’s rapidly evolving changes and to remain competitive—and individuals need to interact and transact easily and safely online. To do that, we all need to be able to trust each other.

The new Santander Trusted OpenID services verify and validate identity anda data of the person or business you are interacting with online. Leveraging this capability, what solutions can you build or improve upon to take advantage of current opportunities?

A few examples: 

Integrate DT with existing services that need to prove identity, age, nationality, address, etc.
Build your own electronic signature service
Use DT data validation capabilities to create a loan service based on users bank records
IoT fan? Imagine how you can combine it with DT. 
Get creative! 
The hackathon is open to individuals, teams (2-5 people), companies and nonprofit organizations that want to reimagine digital data and create ways for individuals and businesses to interact and transact—safely and securely, without compromising privacy.

The technology

For this hackathon, you can leverage the technology developed by Santander to create your own applications. The Santander Digital Trust protocol, built on top of OpenID open-source technology, allows you to: 1) authenticate your users using bank-grade standards; 2) access verified, high-quality data; and 3) validate facts from users without requiring that they share their personal data.

If you already know how OpenID works, you will find that we have extended it so it’s very easy for you to add new features. For more details, take a look here.


You don’t need to start something from scratch. You can use an existing app (built by yourself or having the rights to do so), and update it by adding Digital Trust capabilities. That’s a great hack! Just make sure you explain this on the slides or video you present to the jury. 

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