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Series – Journey to Cloud

November 24, 2021 7:00 pm PKT

Join us for a series of workshops to start your “Journey to Cloud”

In this series you will learn how to get started with IBM Cloud platform, deploying your application on IBM Cloud, how to connect database to your application and securely monitor it. You will also learn how to create predictve models to enhance user experience of your application. 

🎓 What you will learn

  • Introduction to IBM Cloud
  • IBM Code engine
  • Cloudant Database
  • Monitoring and securing application on Cloud
  • How to build classification model
  • Prediction model 

👩‍💻 Who should attend:

  • Biginners
  • Developers
  • All tech people are welcome to attend the series!

🎈 Prerequisites:
Sign up or Log in to your IBM Cloud account :

🙇🏻Workshops included in the series :

  • 24th November- 6PM-8PM (GMT+4) – Connect a secure Cloudant database instance to your web application
  • 29th November- 6PM-8PM (GMT+4) – Deploy a Python-Flask application on IBM Cloud
  • 2nd December- 6PM-8PM (GMT+4) – Monitor and Secure your Flask application on the Cloud
  • 6th December- 6PM-8PM (GMT+4) – Create a Credit Analysis classification model with little to no code.
  • 8th December- 6PM-8PM (GMT+4) – Predict your insurance premium cost from your web application.

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