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Serverless 2.0 with Code Engine

October 13, 2021 3:00 pm EEST

You will learn how to build and run serverless apps using using IBM Cloud Code Engine, the next generation of Serverless (or Function-as-a-Service) application design, development and deployment platform. Code Engine abstracts the infrastructure away from the developers, allowing them to focus on business logic rather than becoming infrastructure experts. The less time developers spend on their applications hosting, the more time they can focus on business code. Code Engine is built on open-source technologies Kubernetes, Knative, Istio and Tekton allowing you to:

  • Manage multi-tenant hosting environment with a pay-per-use model removing the need to manage infrastructure.
  • Hide the complexity of Kubernetes.
  • Combine features often found only across different hosting platforms.
  • Go beyond the traditional HTTP-based application and integrate batch processing into your app design within the same hosting environment.


  • Serverless technology introduction
  • Introducing Knative
  • Code Engine presentation
  • Live demo and hands-on labs