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Serverless Javascript Hands-on Workshop


December 11, 2019

Bring your laptop and learn how to code Serverless applications! (Setup instructions at the bottom)

Serverless computing is a powerful build and execution modern cloud model, but it is a bit of a misleading name. There are certainly servers, but as an application developer you rely on the cloud provider to manage that infrastructure for you. You may have also heard of this model as “functions as a service”.

In this “hands on lab”, Pratik Patel will start with a short introduction to Serverless, what it means to JavaScript developers, and why it’s important to understand this technology. We’ll touch on the differences and similarities between doing Node.js development and Serverless.

And of course, we’ll dive in with some coding! We’ll write a serverless JavaScript application and do a cloud deployment, while writing unit tests and invocation code.


If you have never done any Serverless computing, this is your opportunity to fully understand this model for rapid & cheap development of applications and API’s!

6:00-6:30pm Food and Refreshments / Social networking
6:30-8:00pm Serverless Workshop
8:00-8:30pm Q&A / Social mingling
8:30pm Lights out

**************************** IMPORTANT ****************************
SETUP INSTRUCTIONS – Please perform before the workshop!
Click the link, and follow the instructions:

71 South Wacker Dr, IBM Conference Center, Chicago, 60606, United States