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ServerlessConf NYC 2019

New York

October 7, 2019

IBM is pleased to be sponsoring Serverlessconf NY 2019. This event is a community led conference focused on sharing experiences building applications using serverless architectures. Serverless architectures enable developers to express their creativity and focus on user needs instead of spending time managing infrastructure and servers.

Attendees are invited to drop by the IBM booth (2nd floor) to talk OpenWhisk, Knative and more topics related to open technologies and serverless.

Be sure to also sign up for the “Top 3 Cases for Using Serverless” meetup, October 7, when Pooja Mistry, IBM Developer Advocate, will be leading a workshop covering,

* Secure and Scalable APIs
* Backend microservices
* Event driven programming

Location: NYC Blockchain Center, 54 W 21st St · New York, NY
Registration link (

340 West 50th Street, New York City, New York, 10019, United States