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Sheffield Startup Summer

June 24, 2020 1:00 pm BST

Sheffield Startup Summer is a Student Enterprise event run as part of the Institute of Coding within the Department of Computer Science at the University of Sheffield.

In 2019, Startup Summer was kindly hosted by Barclays Eagle Labs and Kollider within the Kollider Incubator in Castle House, Sheffield.

Startup ideas included a powered articulated arm sleeve, a portal for overseas students seeking UK accommodation and a portable environment for demonstrating smart devices in the home/workplace. These ideas were explored using Lean Startup techniques including Hypothesis Testing, the build-measure-learn cycle, a problem identification workshop, building non technical and technical MVPs (Minimum Viable Products) with final demonstrations and pitches to a Funders Panel.

  • IBM will be running a series of workshops for the community including:
  • Design Thinking – Ian Gardner
  • AI and ML – Jason Garforth
  • Creating a chatbot – Ross Cruickshank
  • Node-Red hands-on workshop – Ross Cruickshank
  • 5 in 5 – Dave Braines
  • Visual Insights – Steve Denly and Mark Woolnough
  • Startup with IBM – Simon Baker

Please sign-up to IBM Cloud to take part in workshops during this festival


Sheffield, United Kingdom