Simplify Cloud-Native Microservices for Java with Eclipse MicroProfile


April 15, 2021 5:00 pm MSK

Come and experience for yourself first-hand how you can build cloud-native solutions quickly and efficiently with MicroProfile, an open enterprise-grade Java programming model optimized for microservices and cloud.  (Watch out for a touch of Jakarta EE too!) We will cover a range of topics in a hands-on manner using a cloud-hosted environment so all you need is a browser.

What you will learn

In this workshop developers will learn:

  • What is cloud-native· How to develop RESTful and reactive microservices
  • How to automate true-to-production testing using containers
  • Different considerations for cloud deployments with containers

Who should attend?

Java Developers who are interested in cloud-native open source technologies.



  • Jamie Lee Coleman, IBM Software Engineer/Advocate, @JamieLeeC
  • Grace Jansen, IBM Software Engineer/Advocate, @gracejansen27


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