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STEP Anywhere: Building Accessible Applications Workshop

August 24, 2020 3:30 pm GST

Do you want to target a bigger audience with your product? Want to learn how to improve your product for it to be more accessible by everyone? Learn more about how to do that using IBM Equal Access Toolkit in this webinar.

IBM Equal Access Toolkit is a public set of guidelines for all members of a team creating a website.

Join us at STEP Anywhere, to see how this new open-source toolkit can help provide designers and developers the tools they need to make their websites and applications accessible. It allows you to embed accessibility directly into your workflow.
This toolkit makes it easier to improve your product’s accessibility. Whether your team is starting from scratch or looking to streamline a workflow that already meets requirements, this guide can help.

Learning Outcomes:

– Learn how to use the Equal Access toolkit throughout the software development life cycle.