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Tech Buffet: Artificial Intelligence, IoT, and Mainframes

New York

June 18, 2019 5:00 pm EDT

We’ve cooked up a special event on Tuesday, June 18th! One event, 3 tech flavors to choose from. Your choice. Pick one and attend that talk/lab or halfway through move to another room.

But before the tech buffet begins, we are kicking things off with a unique presentation of knowing without knowing, and showing you what most people miss every day! The Observationist, by IBM’s own Dave Reich, is part magic show, part keynote, providing new perspectives on human knowledge, AI, data science, and technology in general!

Don’t miss this special meetup!


5-520pm – doors open, food, drinks, and networking
520-550pm – a special performance by Dave Reich, Observationist, Magician, & Developer

Tech Buffet! Pick a Tech or Two…or Three

6-730pm – Data Science & AI – Tech Talks
6-7pm – Save Lives with Drones / IoT / Visual Recognition – Lab Session
6-7pm – Zowe: Modern Z Systems Programming – Lab Session

590 Madison Avenue, 12th Floor, New York City, New York, 10022, United States