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The Developer’s Conference Recife 2019

October 10, 2019  |  Conference

Assistant with Dialog and Search Skill: The difficulties of living alone are increasing and not knowing what to cook with the ingredients in the fridge is a barrier to satisfy that hunger. Why not use Dona Benta, the virtual assistant for those who are still in doubt of what dish to prepare with what she has at home. See how simple it is to assemble your Dona Benta, or use the version available in Messenger.

Blockchain and AI in one place: We hear a lot about the advances of Artificial Intelligence in recent years and the rise of solutions using Blockchain. Have you ever imagined bringing together both technologies and bringing the best of each in one place? Here are some key points, as a result of research on how to bring them both together to bring the optimal consumer experience.


About The Developer’s Conference: TDC is the largest event related to software development in Brazil connecting organizers of meetups and events, speakers, companies, and sponsors in a single platform, empowering the local ecosystem of each region where it is realized.

R. do Príncipe, 526 - Boa Vista, Recife - PE, Sao Paulo, 50050-900, Brazil

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