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TUM.ai Makeathon

October 1, 2021 10:00 am EEST

The 48h challenge for all innovative thinkers is BACK! No programming or AI Skills required

The Open-Source Makeathon by TUM.ai is a virtual 48-hour challenge where you develop a real-world business case involving AI with a team of talented participants from all backgrounds. Every team gets access to a pool of powerful AI models, which stem from different domains, such as, Regression Analysis, Computer Vision, and Natural Language Processing.

Each team submits two deliverables “Business Model Canvas” and “First Prototype with an Open-Source model usage”, and each team requires one to two participants with a background in IT. The primary goal of the competition is to create the most innovative business idea with a foundational AI application.

To support you, we will provide helpful workshops explaining the models, as well as assistance during the event from Industry Experts. Fantastic prizes await the winners, one of which is a membership to TUM.ai.


Register here for an IBM Cloud account: https://ibm.biz/Bdfg28