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Twitch Live-Coding Weekly Stream #6: Event-driven and Reactive Java

June 24, 2020 12:00 pm EST

6th episode:  June 24th – Invited a guest to co-present an episode on Reactive Vert.x by demo’ing a Katacoda basic code sample with deployment to Minishift.


Weekly live Java programming on the IBM Developer Twtich stream.  As a starter, the first few episodes will cover the basics, include some background on traditional blocking/synchronous/imperative coding techniques.  Primarily this will be a platform to introduce the audience to the reactive/declarative functional style of programming that is the approach as used in reactive coding and systems.  We will eventually get into implementing reactive serverless microservices, and work on their containerization, as well as deployment onto the Cloud such as Openshift on the IBM Cloud.  We may also get into some performanance and monitoring aspect of the runtime at a later point in time, thus making the experience more wholistic from a reactive point of view.

Normal broadcasting day/time:  Wednesday 12-noon (Central)


Topics include (but not limited to):

Event-drriven programming, Reactive programming, Reactive systems, Reactive Streams, Reactive Manifesto, Containers, Cloud Native, Microservices, Serverless, Kubernetes, Knative, Cloud deployment…. Socket programming..etc