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Unified IoT from Edge to Cloud: Enabling Digital Transformation


May 27, 2020 6:00 pm EST

Hazelcast will be hosting the meetup as a Zoom Webinar. Please register at the following link to receive the event connection URL via email:


For decades, a sharp divide was drawn between information technology concerned with enabling data-driven business decisions, and operational technology (OT) concerned with monitoring and controlling physical processes, from factory floors to ATM machines, to connected vehicles.

Only recently has there emerged a data-centric approach to IoT applications that seeks to bridge the gap between the IT and OT universes, and in doing so create a single, unified data plane that extends across the enterprise, from edge devices right into corporate data centers.

This “edge-to-cloud” approach requires a new software stack that emphasizes low latency, high reliability, and flexible data models. The Hazelcast platform on IBM Edge Application Manager meets these challenges, able to deliver business insight and superior operations control at break-neck speed, even over the vast, heterogeneous data sets generated by modern intelligent devices. This talk presents the Hazelcast “edge-to-cloud” reference architecture and discusses strategies for building data-centric IoT applications on top of the Hazelcast platform and IBM Edge Application Manager.

Chicago, United States