Unlock Insights in your Text Data with Watson Discovery Service

February 25, 2020

Come to use and practice Watson Discovery through hands-on labs

IBM’s Watson Discovery Service is a suite of APIs that aims to make it easier for companies to ingest and analyze their data, even if they don’t have an advanced degree in data science. Unlock hidden value in data to find answers, monitor trends and surface patterns with the world’s most advanced cloud-native insight engine.

Watson Discovery starts by ingesting and standardizing your data. Then, it “enriches” the data with natural language capabilities like sentiment analysis, named entity extraction, and concept tagging. Users can then use a query API to segment the data and search through it.

Many insights can be found in relationships among text-based data, such as news reports, and social media. Because Watson Discovery Service can read into these sources and understand the data at “massive scale,” the new service can open up new opportunities for developer to make use of that data.

Presentation and Demonstration Agenda:
– Workshop Introduction: From Descriptive to Cognitive Analytics with IBM Watson
– Watson Discovery Overview
– Leverage Unstructured content with Watson Discovery queries

– Domain adaptation made easy with Watson Knowledge Studio
– Wrap Up / Next Steps

Hands-on Labs
– Getting Started with Watson Discovery
– Create and Deploy your Watson Discovery application
– Smarter chat bot with Conversation and Discovery

– Cognitive Analytics
– Natural Language Processing
– Leverage Unstructured Content
– Domain adaptation modeling
– Statistical Information and Relation Extraction

IBM Switzerland, Vulkanstrasse 106, Zurich, 8048, Switzerland