VelloreIT IoT FDP

November 30, 2020 12:00 am IST

Day 1 –Morning


 Introduction to IBM Cloud

· IBM Cloud Overview

· Locations, Regions, and Zones

· Account Types and Support Plans

· Billing and Usage

· Cost Estimator



Day 1 –Afternoon


Internet of Things (IoT), Cloud App Development


· Internet of Things (IoT), IoT Platforms

· Introduction to Watson IoT Platform

· Work with IoT Sensor Simulator

· Data Streaming and Visualization Data Storage in CloudantDB (NoSQL DB)

· Building Weather Monitoring Application using Node-Red


Day 2 –Morning


Conversation & Speech Recognition Conversation AI Platforms

Use Case: Build a web based chatbot with Voice input & Output

· Introduction to IBM Watson Assistant

· Dialog Skill

· Create your first assistant –powered chatbot


Day 2 –Afternoon


Machine Learning, Auto AI and IBM Watson Studio

Use Case- Build & Deploy Machine Learning Models with Watson Studio

· Introduction to Machine Learning

· Getting Started with Watson Studio

· Explore Watson Machine Learning Service

· Develop a Machine Learning Model using Auto AI