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[Virtual] Call for Code (English): Climate Impact Rating System

May 25, 2020

While the switch to clean energy in our homes will make a real and important impact to the climate, energy usage in the commercial sector is often higher than in the domestic sector (such as our homes).

A key part of this commercial energy consumption goes into making products that we buy. However, while some products we buy come with an Energy-efficiency rating, there’s nothing provided that tells us the amount and type of energy (i.e. fossil vs renewable) used to manufacture the product in the first place.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could compare the climate impact across different manufacturers’ products–and perhaps include impact comparison on things outside of energy, such as water consumption. What’s really needed is a comprehensive Climate Impact Rating for products that can be presented to a consumer as some kind of labelling system. The idea is to expand existing product labelling systems, to include a comprehensive Climate Impact Rating (CIR), which will be visible at the point-of-sale (POS) by consumers (be that in-store or on-line).

This webinar provides a solution starter that shows you how to provision a prototype Climate Impact Rating system that supports consumer APIs.


Speaker: Lungelo Sikobi, IBM Developer Advocate

– An IBM Cloud Account



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