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Watson bootcamp at Northwestern University SPS program


September 27, 2019

Ever since the day Watson won the Jeopardy challenge in 2011, IBM had been expanding on Cognitive services starting with Natural Language Processing, Visual Recognition, Personality Insights and many more. There are now 17 Artificial Intelligence related services on the IBM Cloud to make the development of Cognitive applications easier and faster. With the introduction of Watson Studio, now developers and data scientists can build models and deploy them within an integrated environment. Join the bootcamp to learn more about the technologies and the future of AI. Also learn about technologies like Blockchain and how it is making a difference in different industries. Take a dive into the interconnected world we live in with Internet-of-Things. And behold the future with Quantum Computers and the IBM Q.


This event will be conducted as a 3 part series:

Part I: Artificial Intelligence and Data Science                   – scheduled for September 27th and 28th

Part II: Blockchain and Cyber Security                                – to be announced

Part III: Quantum Computing and the IBM Q                     – to be announced


Register: http://ibm.biz/asset-OTB-COG_2019-09-27_reg