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WeAreDevelopers Live


March 22, 2021 1:00 am EEST

Dear Developer Community

In the context of the WeAre Developers Live Week on March 23rd-25th we will provide you with great Tech Talkes and Hans-On workshop from our Developer Advocates.

Get in touch with them and join our community to get to know about the latest Technology trends around Hybrid Cloud, Data & AI and Open source.

Tech Talk: Reactive Endpoints with Quarkus

What will you learn
When building applications and microservices for container environments like Kubernetes and OpenShift, efficient usage of resources is key. Similarly to popular frameworks like Node.js/JavaScript, the open source Java framework Quarkus comes with capabilities to build reactive applications to reduce the usage of memory and start up times significantly making Java ready for containers.

Speaker: Niklas Heidloff

Hands-On Workshop “Secure your Java microservices application”

What will you learn
In this workshop, learn how to get started with application security from two perspectives:

    • Application security provided by the platform:
      • Transport Layer Security (TLS)/Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS)
      • Mutual authentication with Transport Layer Security (mTLS)
    • Application security with Keycloak and Quarkus:
      • Authentication with Keycloak on the web front end
      • Authorization in Quarkus for specific microservices in the back end

Follow along with the example application in this workshop to learn how to:

    • Secure external access to a Kubernetes cluster with TLS
    • Secure communication between microservices with Istio and mTLS
    • Implement authorization and authentication with the Open Source Identity and Access Management system Keycloak and JSON Web Tokens (JWT)

Note: The scope of this workshop is not to explain every aspect of application security.

In order to run this workshop, you will need to create an IBM Cloud account (or log in to your existing account).

Get your free IBM Cloud account here: https://ibm.biz/Bdfs5U

To run the platform security exercises, you will use:

    • IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service (pre-provisioned for the workshop or a paid cluster)
    • IBM Cloud Shell

To run the authorization and authentication exercises, ensure that you have installed the following tools on your local machine and that you can run them in your terminal sessions:

    • git
    • yarn
    • Node.js
    • Apache Maven
    • Docker (running Keycloak locally)
    • Java

You can also find the tutorial for this workshop on our developer.ibm.com site: https://developer.ibm.com/languages/java/tutorials/secure-your-java-microservices-application-workshop/

Speaker: Thomas Südbröcker
Thomas is Developer Advocate @ IBM and aims to provide help and guidance for developers to become familiar with cloud development topics and how to use relevant CICD in IBM Cloud. He is currently focusing on Microservices, containers running on Kubernetes or RedHat OpenShift. He follows the guideline: “You may fall down, but you have to get up again!”.

Berlin, virtual event, Germany