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Double Pendulum Chaotic


A double pendulum is a pendulum with another pendulum attached to its end. Despite being a simple physical system, it exhibits a rich dynamic behavior with a strong sensitivity to initial conditions and noises in the environment (motion of the air in the room, sound vibrations, vibration of the table due to coupling with the pendulum etc.)

In this dataset, videos of the double pendulum were taken using a high-speed Phantom Miro EX2 camera. To make the extraction of the arm positions easier, a matte black background was used, and the three datums were marked with red, green and blue fiducial markers. The camera was placed at 2 meters from the pendulum, with the axis of the objective aligned with the first pendulum datum. The pendulum was launched by hand, and the camera was motion triggered. The dataset was generated on the basis of 21 individual runs of the pendulum. Each of the recorded sequences lasted around 40s and consisted of around 17500 frames.

The original images are supplemented with two additional representations: marker positions and arm angles. Marker positions are three pairs (x,y) representing image coordinates of all three markers (each value is multiplied by 5). Arm angles are sines and cosines of two angles α and β, where α is the angle between the horizontal image line pointing right and the the first arm, whereas β is the angle between the first and second arm.

Dataset Metadata

Field Value
Format CSV
License CDLA-Sharing
Domain Time Series
Number of Records 21 videos, 378,099 annotated frames
Data Split 95% training, 5% validation and testing
Size 567 MB
Dataset Origin IBM Research
Dataset Version 2.0.1
Data Coverage Dataset was generated on the basis of 21 individual runs of a double pendulum. Each of the recorded sequences lasted around 40s and consisted of around 17500 frames.

Dataset Archive Contents

File or Folder Description
original/dpc_dataset_csv/ Folder containing all of the original dataset (in csv format with pendulum positions in each frame)
original/dpc_dataset_h264/ Folder containg all the original videos of double pendulum simulations
LICENSE.txt Terms of Use
train_and_test_split/ dataset with train and test (4 frames input, 200 frames prediction), generated from the original videos

Data Glossary and Preview

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Use the Dataset

This dataset is complemented by a data exploration and data analysis Python notebook to help you get started:


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