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Taranaki Basin Curated Well Logs


This dataset contains details about a set of oil wells located in the Taranaki Basin. The Taranaki basin comprises an area of about 330,000 square kilometers, located broadly onshore and offshore the New Zealand west coast. This basin is the main region for oil exploration and production in New Zealand, with over 400 wells drilled to date. The basin consists of sedimentary rocks dated from Late Cretaceous to present, covering the Paleozoic and Mesozoic basement rocks.

The data was curated from two sources, the New Zealand Petroleum & Minerals Online Exploration Database (, and the Petlab (, which served to characterize the Taranaki basin. In particular, the data served to map important tectonic regions in the basin and the various formations in these regions. We used geological reports to identify formation markers, spreadsheets to find well header and drilling deviation information, and finally, LAS files to characterize a reasonable set of well log annotations. The curated dataset consists of a set with 407 wells containing the main geophysical well logs and reported geological formations in true vertical depth.

The data was then prepared, processed, and cleaned from various files into a final CSV file containing the well logs, the coordinates of the wells, and the corresponding labels.

Dataset Metadata

Format License Domain Number of Records Size Originally Published
CDLA – Sharing Text 6427379 data points (407 wells) 873MB 2020-05-10

Example Records

# From the logs.csv file:


# From the coords.csv file:

Breno W.S.R. de Carvalho
Matheus Oliveira
Maiana Avalone