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Investment Insights with Watson

How does breaking news impact your investments? This starter kit helps you contextualize the effect of news events on your portfolio through natural language processing, graph database technology, and enterprise-grade risk management methodology.

Asset exchange using IBM Blockchain

Who are the members in your trading network, and who is accessing specific data? This starter kit helps you visualize asset transfer between members in a blockchain network based on the newest Hyperledger Fabric version 1.0.

Create an investment management chatbot

How do you manage your personal wealth portfolio? This starter kit helps you query your investments, analyze securities, and use multiple interfaces.

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Predictive Market Scenario

Access thirty years of financial engineering expertise.

Investment Portfolio

Maintain a record of your investment portfolios through time.

Instrument Analytics

Use advanced IBM Algorithmics financial models to price and compute analytics on financial securities.

Historical Instrument Analytics

Use advanced IBM Algorithmics financial models to price and evaluate financial securities for past dates.

Simulated Instrument Analytics

Use advanced IBM Algorithmics financial models to price and compute analytics on financial securities under a given scenario.

Simulated Historical Instrument Analytics

Use sophisticated IBM Algorithmics financial models to price and compute analytics on financial securities for a historical date.

Blockchain on Hyperledger Fabric

Build with IBM Blockchain, based on Hyperledger Fabric, for secure asset transactions over a permissioned network.


Gain insight and connectivity for millions of financial accounts across thousands of institutions.


Payeezy is the simplest way to accept payments.


With just a few lines of code, onboard users and interact with user bank accounts and financial data quickly and securely.


Use our low-latency news sentiment API feed to build custom trading strategies or integrate it with your existing strategies.


Analyze our large data sets of mortgage performance analytics and apply predictive models to your loan portfolios.


Access cloud-based, real-time and reference market data for easy integration with websites, apps, and software.

Get a handle on FinTech basics

FinTech Core 101

Get an overview of the FinTech industry. See how the key players are implementing FinTech technology to advance their business interests and innovations.
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AI and Machine Learning in FinTech

Study stock-trading strategies based on machine learning. Track the decisions from data gathering to market orders.
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Regulations for FinTech

Dive into a review of regulatory requirements across the Fintech industry, so that you’ll know how to make sure your solutions are fully compliant.
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IBM Cloud for Financial Services

Investment Insights

IBM Cloud for Financial Services


See how to use IBM Blockchain for your FinTech solution

Banks and other financial institutions are among the early adopters of blockchain technology. Learn how to apply this distributed ledger technology to build networks and applications that streamline trade finance, corporate lending, reference data, and more.

Visit the Blockchain Developer Center

FinTech in Singapore

IBM’s new studios are a “trading floor” for FinTech

With the Bluemix Garage, IBM Blockchain Innovation Center, and design studios, IBM has recreated a trading floor’s sense of immediacy, proximity to talent, and culture of collaboration to help clients reimagine their FinTech solutions.

Learn more at the FinTech Hub: Singapore

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