I have a friend in California whose daughter has been surfing practically since she could walk. Growing up in Massachusetts didn’t afford me such opportunities but I did my fair share of body surfing at local beaches. My dad taught me that it was all about timing and picking the right wave. Catch it too early or too late and you’d have no luck. Time it just right, though, it would speed you all the way into the shallows.

In life, it’s important to surround yourself with smart people who know things you don’t. I might have eventually learned how to body surf without my dad’s help but it certainly would have taken a lot longer.

In the spirit of timing the wave just right and learning from others, IBM has joined with Topcoder to build an unrivaled network of cognitive developers and data scientists. We’re now experiencing the third wave of cloud adoption, cognitive, and it’s going to change everything. Learn about the previous waves of cloud adoption and the new Topcoder Cognitive Community in this excellent new blog post from Topcoder’s Brendan Wright.

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