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Get started with IBM Z

Get familiar with IBM Z mainframes and get up and running with these helpful resources.

What is IBM Z?

IBM Z is a family of mainframe computers produced by IBM that includes the z15 and z14 models. Mainframes are data servers that can process up to 1 trillion web transactions per day with high levels of security and reliability. IBM Z mainframes are uniquely engineered to run common operating systems like Linux (these servers are also known as LinuxONE), as well as specialized operating systems such as z/OS and software to take advantage of its unique hardware capabilities. They also support more simultaneous transactions and higher levels of throughput (I/O) compared to other computers through built-in capacity on demand and a built-in Internal Shared Memory solution. They deliver the highest levels of security by building cryptographic cards into the hardware. And finally, they provide resiliency through multiple layers of redundancy for every component and testing for extreme weather conditions.

Get up and running

Use these hands-on resources to get an understanding of IBM Z concepts and technologies.

Get to know the Zowe WebUi and build your first Zowe desktop app

1 - 2 hours

This two-part tutorial will help you get started with Zowe Desktop. Part 1 shows you how to set up a local Zowe web development environment on your machine, while Part 2 teaches you the anatomy of a Zowe Desktop app and gives you hands-on experience building your first app.

Deploy and operate an IBM Blockchain Platform network on IBM Secure Service Container for IBM Cloud Private

7 - 9 hours total

This multi-part tutorial shows you a basic Hyperledger Fabric development configuration with two organizations. You'll learn how to deploy two separate certificate authorities (CAs) -- one for a peer that is associated with one organization, and one for an ordering node that is associated with another organization.

Architecture Center: Mainframe application modernization

Learn how to develop hybrid-cloud solutions by building cloud-native applications, modernizing to a DevOps approach, and incrementally transforming your core mainframe assets.