The latest installment in our introductory lab series on Explore Hadoop and BigInsights focuses on BigSheets, a spreadsheet-style tool for analyzing data in your distributed file system.   If you’d like to learn first-hand how business analysts can explore big data without having to write any code or scripts, this lab will get you off to a quick start.

Using data collected about IBM Watson collected from various social media sites, you’ll create workbooks (spreadsheet-style structures), apply built-in analytical functions, and generate charts to explore the coverage and visibility of the IBM Watson brand during the target time period.  In doing so, you’ll see how a business analyst with no programming background can explore and manipulate data in a JSON array, which how the blog data is stored on disk.

Curious what you’ll discover?  Want to determine which web sites hosted the greatest number of blogs about IBM Watson during a specific time period?  Check out Lab 4:  Analyzing social media data with BigSheets.  Like the other introductory labs, it’s pretty short.  In 45 to 60 minutes, you’ll learn how to create and customize your own workbooks as well as generate charts to quickly highlight important aspects of your analysis.  If you want more background about the scenario covered in the lab,  read the article on Analyzing social media and structured data with InfoSphere BigInsights or watch the videos on Social Media Analytics and BigSheets in Action.

And if you’d like to explore other aspects of BigSheets, read Henry Quach’s recent blog entry on BigSheets, which offers a good summary of the technology.

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