The latest installment of the introductory lab on Explore Hadoop and BigInsights features a short tour of Big SQL. ¬† These exercises, designed to be completed in 45 – 60 minutes, introduce you to the basics of using IBM’s SQL-on-Hadoop technology to create tables, load data, and query data using projections, restrictions, multi-way joins, aggregations, and other common SQL expressions.

If you read some of my earlier blog posts, you know that we have a collection of labs dedicated to various aspects of Big SQL. ¬†This collection is a good resource if you want to spend a day or two learning Big SQL through hands-on exercises. ¬†But if your time is limited and you just want a quick tour, the overview lab now features a short module that will get you off to a quick start creating sample FACT and DIMENSION tables and analyzing data you’ll load into those tables.

This introductory Big SQL module rounds out our introductory hands-on exercises to Hadoop and BigInsights.  Earlier labs in this series introduced you to basic Hadoop commands, the BigInsights web console, and BigSheets (a spreadsheet-style tool for business analysts).

Before beginning this introductory module on Big SQL, you might read the¬†IBM white paper¬†that describes the technology, its architecture, and its key features. ¬†Or, if you’d prefer to watch a video presentation on the topic presented at a recent MeetUp, check out A Leap Forward with SQL on Hadoop.

How you get started is up to you . . . . Why not learn more about Big SQL today?


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