Tableau has been working closely with IBM® to strengthen the visual analytics capabilities with BigInsights™ Hadoop. The MPP-based (massively parallel processing) performance and SQL support of Big SQL in InfoSphere BigInsights v3.0 enables BigInsights Hadoop data to be accessible for business intelligence reporting.

Tableau 8.2 is certified with IBM Infosphere BigInsights 3.0:

The power and scalability of IBM BigInsights Big SQL accelerates analytics on massive data assets.  Tableau’s authoring solution, Tableau Desktop, connects directly to IBM Infosphere BigInsights allowing for rapid visual data exploration of Big Data. Tableau leverages IBM’s Big SQL layer to translate drag-and-drop mouse actions within Tableau Desktop as queries and returns the results as interactive visual analytic renderings. The result is an immersive data analysis experience where users are able to ask questions of their data as fast as they can think of them.

Reports and dashboards built using Tableau Desktop, powered by IBM InfoSphere BigInsights, can be published in just a few clicks to Tableau’s on-premises server solution, Tableau Server, allowing for entire organizations to interact with live analytics via their web browsers regardless of device.

Stay tuned to upcoming blogs that detail connectivity and how to generate sample reports. Learn about Big SQL by watching this video or doing these tutorial exercises.

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