IBM announced several new initiatives this week designed to enhance in-Hadoop analytics for data scientists and analysts as well as promote standards in the Hadoop arena.   At the Strata + Hadoop World conference in San Jose, CA, IBM previewed its plans to offer three new modules for IBM BigInsights for Apache Hadoop:

  • IBM BigInsights Analyst,¬†which will feature sophisticated SQL support and a spreadsheet-style interface for exploring and visualizing big data. ¬†Big SQL is IBM‚Äôs industry-standard SQL query interface and SQL processing engine for data stored in HDFS, Hive, or HBase. ¬† BigSheets enables analysts to work with big data without writing any code. ¬†If you want to explore what’s available today in Big SQL or BigSheets, start with the BigInsights Overview tutorial on Hadoop Dev.
  • IBM BigInsights Data Scientist, ¬†which will include a new machine-learning engine with various algorithms, such as Decision Trees, PageRank and Clustering. It will also provide native support for open source R statistical computing.
  • IBM BigInsights Enterprise Management, which will introduce new management tools for allocating resources and optimizing workflows so organizations can more easily scale their Hadoop platform to large numbers of users and clusters. These tools will provide multi-tenancy and multi-instance support in a cluster.

In addition, IBM also announced that it has become a founding member of the Open Data Platform (ODP) Initiative, a new industry association announced today to help drive collaboration, innovation, and standardization across Hadoop and big data technologies.   ODP  core efforts will initially focus on Apache Hadoop (including HDFS, YARN, and MapReduce) and Apache Ambari.  IBM also plans to add support for support for Apache Spark to its platform to support new computing engines and additional analytic applications.

For more details, see the IBM press release  or visit this IBM web site.


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