Alert Notification to track UNKNOWN status in a HA failover

Alerts are generated when the status of services/components changes from OK to UNKNOWN
And alert notification configured to send email for a specific alert group and for a specific severity.

In case of a YARN HA, when active resource manager fails over, ambari generates alert for this resource manager. The alert status changes from OK to UNKNOWN only for the failed resource manager while the active Resource Manager continues to show status OK. Alert notification can be configured to track the UNKNOWN status and send email. Following is an example for YARN HA but same would apply for Namenode HA:

1. Create a custom alert group to track Resource Manager alerts.
a. From alerts menu, click on Actions->Manager Alert Groups

Alert Notification 1

b. Click on + sign to add new group. Enter any name for the alert group.
Alert Notification 2
c. Add alert definitions to be included in this group.
Alert Notification 3

Alert Notification 4

d. Save custom alert group.
Alert Notification 5
2. Create an Alert Notification for the newly created alert group.
a. From alerts menu, click on Actions->Manage Notifications


Alert Notification 1



b. Create new alert notification. Choose severity as UNKNOWN and group as group created in step 1.


Alert Notification 6



c. Click on save.

Alert Notification 7

3. Email based on default template will be sent whenever the status changes to UNKNOWN to the email address setup in step 2.


Alert Notification 8



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