IBM, along with other companies, is a founding member of the JanusGraph project. JanusGraph is a new community project under the Linux Foundation with the goal to build and maintain a distributed graph computation system. Forked from the latest TitanDB code, it will continue the legacy of Titan by providing a community-supported open source, scalable graph database with a variety of storage backends.

Titan has been available on IBM BigInsights for Hadoop platform since version 4.2 with Tinkerpop 3.1, HBase 1.2.0, Hadoop 2.7.2 and Solr 5.5 support. It uses HBase as its backend storage and Solr as its index engine. IBM will be the first to adopt JanusGraph, and the team is eager to contribute to the JanusGraph project.

JanusGraph is looking forward to building a strong and open community for graph developers. Please see the Linux Foundation blog entry and visit the project homepage to find out more about how to join and collaborate with the community. You can also follow @JanusGraph on Twitter

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