This blog describes on configuring and running the Kafka from IBM BigInsights.

Apache Kafka is an open source that provides a publish-subscribe model for messaging system. Refer :

I assume that you were aware of  terminologies like Producer, Subscriber, Kafka Brokers, Topic and Partitions. Here, I will be focusing on creating multiple Brokers in BigInsights then create a topic and publish the messages from command line and consumer getting it from the Broker.

Environment: BigInsights 4.2

 Creating Kafka Brokers from Ambari

By default, Ambari will have one Kafka Broker configured.  Based on your usecase, you may need to create multiple brokers.

Login to Ambari UI –> Click on Hosts and add the Kafka Broker to the node where you need to install Broker.

  You can see multiple brokers running in Kafka UI.

Create a Topic

Login to one of the node where broker is running.  Then create a topic.

cd /usr/iop/

su kafka -c “./ –create –zookeeper localhost:2181 –replication-factor 2 -partitions 1 –topic CustomerOrder”

You can get the details of the topic using the below describe command.

su kafka -c “./ –describe –zookeeper localhost:2181 –topic CustomerOrder”

Start the Producer

In the argument –broker-list, pass all the brokers that are running.

su kafka -c “./ –broker-list, –topic CustomerOrder”

When you run the above command, it will be waiting for user input. You can pass a sample message

{“ID”:99, “CUSTOMID”:234,”ADDRESS”:”12,5-7,westmead”, “ORDERID”:99, “ITEM”:”iphone6″, “COST”:980}

Start the Consumer

Open an other Linux terminal and start the consumer. It will display all the messages send to producer.

su kafka -c “./ –zookeeper localhost:2181 –from-beginning –topic CustomerOrder”


Thus, We are able to configure and perfom a sample pub-sub system using Kafka.

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