Today (Aug 11, 2017) we are announcing the GA of IBM Big Replicate 2.1.1.

What is IBM Big Replicate?

Big Replicate ensures business continuity by providing active-active data replication capability for your Big Data environment. Big Replicate enables data replication for Hadoop and cloud object stores with guaranteed data consistency. This technology helps businesses to ensure a robust Disaster Recovery strategy with the most demanding SLA’s for our customer’s.

What’s new with this release?

1. New Platform Supported

Big Replicate 2.1.1 has added support for the following new platforms since Big Replicate 2.1.0

    -CDH 5.11
    -HDP 2.6
    -IBM BigInsights 4.2.5

2. Notable New Features

Simplifying Administration to End Users

    -Non-Interactive Talkback enables the user to run talkback script without manual intervention.
    -Recovery from failed datanodes
    -Ambari-based installations of the Hive Replicated Metastore accommodate nodes with multiple network interfaces or multiple hostnames.
    -Multiple BR Replicated Hive Metastore instances can be deployed for redundancy and high availability

Improving Performance to handle Extensive Workload

    -Improved S3 Performance by configurable multi-threading
    -Ingesting very large numbers of files at once is handled with better performance
    -Environment with very large numbers of Hive databases can be listed with good performance

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