IBM Db2 Big SQL v6.0 BETA is now generally available. This release of Db2 Big SQL is for environments that have the latest version of Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) v3.0.1.
IBM Db2 Big SQL, an advanced SQL engine on Hadoop, has been making strides with the fast-evolving open source ecosystem by supercharging your analytical workloads on data lakes. The core capabilities of Big SQL focusses on data virtualization, SQL compatibility, scalability, performance, and of course enterprise security/governance, making it a desirable query engine to seek insights from disparate data sources including Hadoop.
What’s new in Db2 Big SQL v6.0 BETA:
  • Integrated participation in enterprise Hadoop ecosystem HDP 3.0 allows Db2 Big SQL to work seamlessly in an integrated and cooperative way leveraging Hadoop’s data and processing resources as well as benefiting security, governance and operational capabilities of Hadoop.
  • Integrates with all new operational store HBase 2.0 that has new capabilities in HDP 3.0 like native backup and restore, in-memory compactions, etc.
  • With Hive 3.0, ACID is turned-on by default and querying ACID tables are now available using Db2 Big SQL’s passthrough or federation.
Along with the above capabilities, Db2 Big SQL also offers the following rich capabilities: 
  • Augment or enrich Hadoop data with data virtualization capabilities to combine data from more data sources with efficient query pushdown to remote sources for improved federated query performance
  • Simplified I/O engine for all open source file formats with no vendor lock-in with improved performance and also reduces resources allocation needed for query processing
  • Native integration with Spark enables exploiting many of Spark’s capabilities from Db2 Big SQL
  • Db2 Big SQL acts as a single endpoint when tables are spread between Hive and HBase and enables combining streaming data in HBase with analytical data in Hive for deep analytics. 
Reminder for Beta:
  • This release is for dev/test environments only. It is should not be used in production environments
  • There is no support for BETA. But do submit your feedback/comments/questions at: Ideas Portal (Choose Component: Db2 Big SQL)
For software download, please visit: Db2 Big SQL v6.0 Beta download

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