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Testing your Apache Spark code with JUnit 4.0 and Intellij

Steps to setup JUnit and Intellij for testing your Apache Spark code.

Configuring IntelliJ Community Edition with Spark 1.4.1 (BigInsights 4.1 compatible)

IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition provides a very effective IDE to work with Apache Spark source code, and here are some examples and setup instructions.

Securing hadoop environments with MIT Kerberos OpenLDAP and IBM BigInsights

This article describes the series of steps required to set up an IBM Big Data environment using Kerberos for host validation and authentication of client...

Building and running Spark applications on IBM Open Platform with Apache Hadoop

With SBT and Spark, one can build a Spark standalone application or an application on a commercial Hadoop distribution which is YARN-enabled. Most of us...

Tech Tip : Memory management with BigInsights 3.0 and IBM JDK

Memory management issues are very common when using java oriented middleware, IBM BigInsights contains various open source projects which utilize the java virtual machine as...

Tech Tip: Replacing the default JDK in BigInsights

This post describes how to replace the default JDK for a BigInsights installation. This process was tested in IBM BIgInsights version 2.0 to replace the...

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