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IBM BigSQL : Steps to Recover BigSQL HA From Failed/Corrupt Cluster Configuration

Summary Big SQL High Availability (HA) refers to providing high availability for the meta data of the Big SQL database (the Big SQL Metastore )...

Hadoop file upload utility for secure BigInsights clusters running on cloud using webhdfs and Knox Gateway.

How to connect external applications to your BigInsights cluster hosted on secure cloud.

Migrating Kerberos Principals to a new KDC server in BigInsights cluster

Migrate Kerberos Principals to a new Kerberos server with minimal downtime.

Custom Spark Streaming Adapter For Reading Weather Data From Weather Company API (IBM Bluemix)

Use the realtime weather data as a dimension for spark streaming analytics or persist it in HDFS for offline analytics.

Monitor memory usage for Bigdata processes using Java attach API and notifying users by email

Using Java Attach API one can hook into JVM's hosting Bigdata processes and monitor them.

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Using Spark Streaming for keyword detection

As new kinds of devices connect to the internet, they generate petabytes of data every…