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Ambari REST Calls for Kerberos Enabled Clusters

Ambari REST API enforces HTTP basic access authentication. In return to the successful user login, Ambari associates a session with the REST API call. When...

Customize Ambari Service Check Timeout Value

Ambari terminates service checks if they do not finish within a predefined period of time (timeout). On a real world cluster, the performance of the...

Ambari Quick Tip: show/hide custom section for stack services

For each configuration XML file of a stack service, Ambari web UI displays an Advanced section and a Custom section. Custom section allows users to...

Override Component Configurations with Ambari Configuration Groups

Ambari allows users to apply host specific configuration for components via configuration groups. In this post, we describe how to override component configurations for subset...

Access Ambari web UI over a VPN

This post describes two ways to work around a VPN so that you can load the Ambari web UI properly.

Browse HDFS via Ambari Files View

This post describes how to create and configure an Ambari Files view instance for easy HDFS browsing and i/o operations.

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