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Big SQL Topology Recommendations

There are 2 different topologies that can be used when installing Big SQL. Depending on the cluster's resources, network speed, and enabled Big SQL features...

Using Big SQL tables located on Object Storage

Big SQL tables can be created with a location URI that references an Object Storage bucket and path.

Big SQL Auto-Analyze Enable & Disable

This is part 4 of a series on Auto-Analyze. BigInsights Big SQL Auto-Analyze assures that statistics are available for tables regardless of how the data...

Big SQL Auto-Analyze Scheduling

BigInsights Big SQL Auto-Analyze can use customized schedules for running Analyze. This allows balancing of the Auto-Analyze schedule with other Big SQL workloads.

Big SQL Auto-Analyze Customization

BigInsights Big SQL Auto-Analyze properties can be modified to customize the behavior.

Faster BigInsights Big SQL queries with Auto-Analyze

This is part 1 of a series on Auto-Analyze. BigInsights Big SQL queries run faster when statistics are available, as this helps the Big SQL...

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