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Big SQL vs Spark SQL at 100TB: How do they stack up?

Introduction: Early adopters in the SQL over Hadoop space are now creating large Data Lakes to store their more precious commodity, data. IBM predicted this...

Top 6 Big SQL v4.2 Performance Tips

The top 6 big hitting performance tips for Big SQL v4.2 !

Big SQL v4.2: Best Practices for Collecting Statistics

Up to date statistics are vital to ensure optimal query performance. This blog details the best practices for collecting statistics in Big SQL v4.2 and...

Is CPU Scaling impacting your Hadoop performance ?

CPU Scaling reduces the speed of your CPUs in order to save energy and is enabled by default in many Linux distributions. This brief blog...

A Tour of ANALYZE in Big SQL v4.2

Accurate and up-to-date statistics are the key ingredient when it comes to Big SQL query performance. Good statistics can improve query performance many-fold, whereas...

Top 7 Big SQL v4 Performance Tips

The top 7 big hitting performance tips for Big SQL 4 !

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