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Customer Recommendation engine for Sports Equipment Store using IBM Big SQL

In this video, we will demo that how the marketing team at a Sports Equipment Store operationalizes a Spark ML model that can predict customer’s...

Announcing IBM Big SQL Sandbox

Today (Sept 13, 2017) we are announcing the GA of IBM Big SQL Sandbox

IBM Big SQL Sandbox Cheat-Sheet

This post contains answers to all the questions that have been asked by the executive team. We want you to take a first stab at...

Announcing IBM Big Replicate 2.1.1

Today (Aug 11, 2017) we are announcing the GA of IBM Big Replicate 2.1.1.

Customized IOP 4.2 and BigInsights Installation

Overview This document discusses the customization requirements that you might get while installing IOP and BigInsights in a new environment on prem. These requirements come...

Configure an Ambari Hadoop cluster to use a single PostgreSQL database instance

This article will walk you through the steps required to setup Oozie and Hive with PostgreSQL.

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