Offers unmatched simplicity, performance, and security for SQL on Hadoop. It provides a single point of access and view across all big data, exactly where it lives. Big SQL introduces a “beyond MR” low-latency parallel execution infrastructure that is able to access Hadoop data natively for reading and writing.

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  • Scheduler reads predicates pushed down from compiler and optimizes queries based on where and how data is stored on a cluster
  • Runs queries following the SQL:2011 languge standard across any number of tables
  • Can perform all valid SQL standard join operations, group sets and union operations

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Learn by doing! Get your hands on Big SQL with our tutorial.


Check out these documents and posts that will give you a general overview of Big SQL and what it’s capable of

  • Big SQL in BigInsights 4.1 documentation hosted in IBM Knowledge Center. Get a quick breakdown of how Big SQL works and access to the provided documentation on Big SQL including the Big SQL 4.1 tutorial and in-depth reference
  • The real SQL over Hadoop Story white paper
  • White paper on Big SQL.  An in-depth look at Big SQL architecture.


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