1. Skim through the introductory BigInsights presentation to learn about the platform’s architecture and technologies.
  2. Watch the videos that introduce you to some unique features of BigInsights, including BigSheets and Text Analytics.  Want to learn about SQL on Hadoop?  Watch these short videos (each < 5 minutes):  Introducing SQL on Hadoop,  Creating Tables, and Populating Tables with Data.
  3. Skim through the Big SQL Technical Overview and Big SQL HBase presentations.
  4. Download the BigInsights Quick Start Edition and experiment with the technology.  For example, if you want to learn more about Big SQL, start with the introductory lab and proceed with the HBase lab, Spark and Big SQL lab, the Big SQL web tooling lab, the lab on Using free Bluemix Analytics Exchange data with Big SQL or the lab on Querying complex JSON data with BigInsights.  Or try BigInsights on Cloud in IBM Bluemix and access learning resources and videos.

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