Ready to get started using SQL on Hadoop? One of the first things you’ll need to know is how to create a table over data stored in Hadoop. This short video (< 5 minutes) introduces you to the basics of this task using IBM’s Big SQL technology in its examples. So whether you want to create tables in the Hive warehouse, in HBase, or over data in arbitrary HDFS directories, you’ll learn techniques to help you do just that.

Presented by IBM’s Cynthia Saracco, this video is part of the open Data-X project curated by Ikhlaq Sidhu, Chief Scientist and Founding Director, Sutardja Center, UC Berkeley and Roberto V. Zicari, Frankfurt Big Data Lab, Goethe University, Frankfurt and Visiting Scholar, UC Berkeley. Additional Data-X materials are available through

3 comments on"Creating Tables (SQL on Hadoop)"

  1. Hugo Rodriguez November 07, 2016

    I can`t see this video and others like “introducing SQL on hadoop”. May you send me the link or check this page ?

    Thank You

  2. chandra babu Nama September 22, 2018

    This is also good

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