IBM is streamlining its social media messaging to give each channel full attention. Part of this effort is consolidating the developerWorks’ Facebook and Twitter presence into two locations: @developerWorks and IBM developerWorks on Facebook. As of October 15th, the developerWorks Facebook group for India will be sunset.

So, what does this mean for you?

If you have liked our dW India Facebook page, we will automatically include you as part of the worldwide developerWorks Facebook group as we sunset the India group. You do not have to do anything to make this happen, just be aware the change is set to take place mid-October.

Consider following us at @developerWorks on Twitter.

And, you can always get a monthly list of upcoming events, popular content, and latest news by subscribing to the dW India newsletter.

2 comments on"developerWorks India Facebook page being sunset"

  1. Rajesh Gudikoti October 04, 2017

    It is Good move and is required.

  2. Thank you for information.

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