It’s again that time of the year when you reflect on the year that’s passed and get ready to welcome the New Year with refreshed vigor. It was an eventful 2017 and for me it was a year of tremendous learning as we at IBM continued our outreach through with several core initiatives to engage with the developer ecosystem in India. Having spent quality time with thousands of developers in the country across various formats I learnt how the developer profession has evolved and become a very powerful one at that.

India’s large and growing developer population is known for it’s deep technical skills that build and power solutions for businesses across the world. In more recent times thanks to the emergence of the startup ecosystem as well as path breaking initiatives by the Government around Digital India, such as IndiaStack the opportunities to build innovative solutions for the domestic market is also unprecedented.

Thanks to the growing adoption of open source and cloud computing it has become far more easier and faster for developers to build and deploy their apps. Anybody can code today and to stay competitive one needs to constantly learn new skills as well as stay connected with the relevant communities of interest.

At IBM, our approach to developers has always been anchored around providing the right set of resources and help to learn and create differentiated applications for themselves and their clients. Our developer advocates are developers themselves, who spend time on various client/partner engagements, constantly honing their skills around core areas such as cloud computing, artificial intelligence and data science. These advocates also spend quality time sharing their knowledge with the communities and you will see them frequently in developer events, conferences, hosting meet ups, mentoring Hackathons and facilitating deep dive hands on workshops.

We recently introduced the IBM Developer Way, our approach to empowering developers to solve the world’s most challenging problems — smarter, faster, together. This is built on a strong foundation of Code, Content and Community.

If you are a developer, here are some interesting assets for you to explore :

IBM Code Patterns

Over 120 code patterns are available on the IBM Code site across technology areas including Cloud, Data Science, Cognitive, AI, Blockchain, IoT as well as core Industry areas and deployment models. The good news is each code pattern in neatly packaged with the relevant code, link to the GitHub repo, resources and how-to articles to help you get started.

For example, if you are looking at an easy way to quickly learn how to implement Visual Recognition API, try out the code pattern on Creating an Android calorie-counter app. This pattern helps you create an Android mobile app that leverages the Watson Node.js SDK for visual recognition processing

Alternatively, if you are looking at a more industry relevant use case such as banking for instance, you could get started with a code pattern such as the one on Creating a cognitive banking chatbot. This pattern is based on a simple banking services use case and takes you through how you can build an effective conversational interface taking into consideration user context as well as natural language capabilities.

These patterns help you get a quick start on various new technology areas and common use cases. In addition you will also see a lot of content in the form of Tech Talks, How-to blogs and videos to help you learn more.

Building Bots and the Bot Asset Exchange

Bots represent the new user interface and across industries conversational bots will help create superior user experiences. The IBM Bot Asset Exchange (BAE) helps bot developers to easily discover, configure and deploy bots.

IBM Coder Program

Solving tough problems with code is what developers love to do and the IBM Coder program offers a series of challenges for you to crack. Join the program to check out some interesting challenges, collect points, badges and rewards as you build your reputation as a top notch coder.

It’s the best time to be a developer and ride the wave by lapping up all the technology and content to stay on top of the game. The world is being rewritten in code and we all have a part to play. Looking forward to an exciting year ahead where together we will solve new problems with innovative technologies powered by code.

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IBM Community at Bangalore

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