Please walk us through your entrepreneurial journey and background before you started? Any interesting stories?

The book “Before you quit your job” gave a different perspective of professional job! The feel of building parachute after jumping out of jet and before landing – excited me to start ActOnMagic.

About founding team

Madan brings 15+ years of product experience (HP, Citrix) along with startup buidling experience (VMLogix, GoGuroo). Sumathi also brings 15+ years from HP. Madan and Sumathi did engineering together and shared 5+ years of professional experiece at HP.

Tell us little about your product/ platform

ActOnCloud platform helps business owners, CIOs and Devops to utilize the power of multi-cloud/hybrid cloud with the built-in governance and analytics.

Tell us about your customer traction

With over 40+ customers on PaaS offering, We are poised to be the disruptive cloud company in the b2b space.

How has been your association with IBM Global Entrepreneur? How important do you think IBM Global Entrepreneur is to help and improve the ecosystem?

IBM-GEP played a game changing role in our journey with right platform.

It helped to connect with business prospects, peers and investors. Cloud credits is a bonus for us.

What’s your take on the IBM Cloud? How is it helping your start-up grow?

Soft layer is the only platform that offers physical and virtual infrastructure in a pay as your go model.

With its super optimized network and wide range of coverage helped us to address customers across the global.

What is your road ahead for your start-up?

With cognitive technologies, we plan to simplify the life of a DevOps and IT Teams.