Please walk us through your entrepreneurial journey and background before you started? Any interesting stories?

Lightmetrics was incorporated in Feb 2015, in Bangalore. Initial 4 months were spent with IBM innovation centre in Bangalore before moving to NASSCOM 10K start-up warehouse.

About founding team

Lightmetrics founding team comprises of 6 ex-Nokia research centre professionals with extensive combined 70+ years’ experience of research, product development and IPR creation.

Tell us little about your product/ platform

Lightmetrics offers RideViewTM, a cross-platform SDK that uses visual analytics technology to capture driving behaviour. The RideViewTM generates analytics and real-time alerts about how a vehicle is driven. The product has excellent value proposition for Fleet management, Camera OEMs and Insurance companies.

Tell us about your customer traction

Primary traction for Lightmetrics product is in US, among Telematics technology & services providers, Camera OEMs and Insurance solutions.

How has been your association with IBM Global Entrepreneur? How important do you think IBM Global Entrepreneur is to help and improve the ecosystem?

IBM GEP provided exposure through various forums and events that led to new connections and awareness about the start-up and its solution within the ecosystem.

This is particularly valuable in early days for any start-up, we believe. It helps start-up getting geared up for prime-time. Under the IBM GEP, we received sufficient IBM cloud credits, to learn, build, and deploy the product.

What’s your take on the IBM Cloud? How is it helping your start-up grow?

IBM cloud is quite powerful, reliable and versatile offering that is continuously evolving and suitable for developing great products.

What is your road ahead for your start-up?

We plan to focus efforts and resources to develop business in US, where we are already finding traction. There are plans for adding additional features to product based on feedback that we are getting from the market.